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Chargement en cours...

N° SIREN 521 000 422  RCS Toulon
APE / NAF  5520 Z

Tips for the well being of each


We are, neither hotel, nor lodgings, simply of the private individuals dividing their residence.

In summer, to spend a good night, lower the mosquito nets.

In winter, in the course of the day, decrease the thermostat of the radiators.

When it has wind there, closes or hangs your shutters, or to keep freshness.

If you are using air conditioning: remember to close the windows.

Hygiene and Safety

The rooms are not smokers, a specific place is reserved.

To use,  the ashtrays only under the arbour and on the paving stones.

The property has existed for more than 2 centuries, then.

Not connected to the whole with sewer, do not throw your sanitary towels in the W.C

To eat

for your meals and picnic, a table is at your disposal outside.

We don’t guest’s table, no cooking.

We will recommend to you, many restaurants all categories.

Drinks and delicacies

Coffee, tea, infusions are at your disposal gracefully.

For those of the refrigerator bar, to fill out the card attached .


Cats roam free on the property.

Legal Notice

The price * indicated, in the tariff section, is for a room occupied by 1 or 2 persons, at night, breakfasts included. Free WIFI.

Lump sum tourist tax included in the price of each room.

Our reservations are subject to a minimum deposit of 40% per night and per room.

Example: 85 € x 40% = 34 € x 3 nights = 102 € out of a total of 255 €

The reservation is validated by a confirmation email, including the terms and conditions.

Arrival times: between 4 pm and 8 pm, departure before 11 am

The dates mentioned in the tariff are "included".

During holidays, events, high season, season, a minimum of 3 nights, and low season: 2 nights, is required.

The description of each room is displayed under "contact and reservation", by clicking on the name of the desired room.

* price of the service and amount of the deposit can vary according to the year, the season, the room, the number of nights.

The amount of the deposit must be received within 8 days of your request for reservation and our confirmation; and be available within 15 days before the stay.

All the elements or modalities of reservation are published in each proposal sent by email.

To avoid any dispute (number of nights, early departure ...), the payment of the balance (without discount) will be made upon your arrival (after verification of benefits: room, environment ....).

Our advices, recommendations, and general conditions are inserted in the site www.bastidoun.com, under the heading legal notices or sent on express request.

The law and related case law will be applied to any dispute arising from the stay.

The consumer can seize a mediator of tourism, in case of disputes.

The litigation that may arise from the paragraphs above stated, will be the responsibility and jurisdiction of the courts of the jurisdiction of the home of the auto-entrepreneur: Mrs. BREBION - Houlé Patricia, whose operation is called: Bastidoun Bed and Breakfast

Swimming pool under alarm

The private access is tolerated by it, no guest of the hosts is allowed.

The bathe is under your only responsibility.

No food or drink (except water) around the pool.

Shower and Television

Respect others, Avoid taking a shower after midnight and to decrease the sound of the television set

It’s an old house, in spite of insulation, the noises carry in silence.


You can hang your bath towels, on our clothes lines.


Our Car park is not kept, but, there is a Gate, coded, with entry.


the communal road can seem narrow, although the school bus passes through the said road.

Room access (stairs) may not be suitable for people with reduced mobility


We open our residence to you, respect it.

Transitory passers by, you will be welcome at the time of next stay.


For your walks, visits, discovered and leisure; we will advise you.


All has an end, to enable us to make the room; you are invited to release them before 11 H

Contact & or Booking RATE - AVAILABILITY Advice & Legal information Anglaise Rétro Provençale Marine Chambre Anglaise Chambre Anglaise Chambre Anglaise Chambre Anglaise Chambre Retro Chambre Retro Chambre Retro Chambre Retro Chambre Provencale Chambre Provencale Chambre Provencale Chambre Provencale Chambre Marine Chambre Marine Chambre Marine hygiene and security:Protocol COVID19

Price 2021 *

Off Season

Season **

High Season ***

January  to 9 JULY #

10 JULY  to  27  AUGUST

# 17 to 20 JUNE

28 August-31December#

Minimum  2  -  3  Nights

#16 to 19 September

Rates Conditioned Rooms: Anglaise / Rétro / Provençale

As from 4 nights

85 € / night

95 € / night

105 €/ night

As from 2 nights

90 € / night

100 € / night

110 €/ night

For 1 night

120 € / night

120 € / night

120 €/ night

Description Room Anglaise

Description Room Rétro

Description Room Provençale

Rates Conditioned Room : MARINE

As from 4 nights

100 € / night

110 € / night

120 €/ night

As from 2 nights

105 € / night

115 € / night

125 €/ night

For 1 night

135 € / night

135 € / night

135 €/ night

          Description Room Marine ( + 35 € Extra Bed )

*City tax included  ** minimum 2-3 Nights  *** minimum 2-3 Nights

. Digressive Rates, Breakfast included - Free Wifi

. Access to a private swimming Pool, Independent Entrance

. Free Parking,City Tax included.

. Hours / Arrival : from 4 to 8 pm /Departure : before 11 am

Booking Booking Booking Booking may not be suitable for people with reduced mobility. Air-conditioned ANGLAISE room Air-conditioned RETRO room Air-conditioned PROVENCALE room Air-conditioned MARINE room Chambre Marine